Employees spend over 8 hours a day inside an office for work on a daily basis, depending on their shifts.

Working for an extended period of time is not a good thing to do, especially when the circumstances inside the office that you are working in right now are not that good.

One thing that is commonly pointed out in an Office Space for Lease Calgary is the fact that the lighting is pretty bad.

A lot of people do not believe that lighting affects workflow, especially the ones that own the offices or its managing staff along with some employees. But the thing is that poor lighting can have a huge effect on the workflow of your office.

This is why in this blog, office space for rent Calgary is going to list down some reasons on why it is important to have proper lighting inside your shared office for rent Calgary.

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3 main reasons why it’s important to have proper lighting in your office

  1. Avoids eye strain

Eye strain is one of the most common eye problems that office workers get to experience, especially the ones that are using their computers or phones all the time. Eye strain can be avoided with a number of things, which include proper lighting, proper screen, and eye distance along with taking regular breaks from work.

Here are some symptoms of eye strain that you might be experiencing if you are using your computer too much in a dark room:

Sore eyes

• Tired eyes

• Burning eyes

• Itchy eyes

• Watery eyes

• Dry eyes

• Blurred vision

• Double vision

• Headache 

• Pressure on the forehead

• Pressure around eyes

• Increased sensitivity to light

• Difficulty concentrating

  1. Poor lighting makes you sleepy

If you work in a dark room, the chances are pretty high that you will be more sleepy. Working in a dark room is like working inside your bedroom during the nighttime with the lights off, your body will think it’s time to sleep. So instead of doing that, try working in an area where lighting is proper. You will notice a lot of differences in your mood!

2. It feels better

When you work in a room where lighting is not properly present, the feeling is not nice when you compare it with working in a room that has proper lighting. You are more likely to feel tired, exhausted, and unmotivated when you are working in a room that is dark. Working in a bright room on the other hand makes you feel more awake considering that it’s not easy to sleep in that kind of room.

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