In this new-fangled era, corporations are at all times required to provide utmost comfort to their employees when it comes to seeking utmost productivity. However, out of so many options out there it could be a daunting task to decide the right shared office space for your staff especially when it comes to keeping everyone happy. Therefore, there are a lot of factors to be kept in mind which can sometimes be mind boggling.

Well, experts at Entegra business Centre are here to help you master the art of renting the right shared office spaces. Below mentioned are some of the things to consider while looking for shared office space for rent Calgary.

  • COST

Lower overheads are undoubtedly one of the main reasons why an entrepreneur chooses a shared office space over renting his very own place. Have a clear understanding of what the objectives and requirements of your company are. Once decided, request quotes that meet your needs before making a decision. Additionally, check the lease agreement carefully for any hidden fees because they can ruin your firm. Along with this factor, be sure to consider monthly rent or any specific bundle that can fit inside your spending limit.


The next thing to consider is the place where this shared office is located. In other words, the location of your rented shared office would be dependent on the whereabouts of your employees’ residence. For the overall happiness of employees, it is utmost important to find a place which is convenient for all the employees in terms of reachability. Perhaps, it must be centrally located in the city, close to your target customers and preferred business partners. The setting not only makes it easy for you but also for those meeting you to conduct business.


The majority of suppliers base their services on your package. The amenities included in your package will undoubtedly be a little less if you are simply renting a conference room for an hour or two than those supplied to businesses who rent a complete shared office space. A good desk space, conference room, Wi-Fi with uninterrupted internet and in-house IT assistance, kitchen, lounge, whiteboard/projector, 24-hour access, mail forwarding, call attending, mailbox, and many other amenities can be found among the numerous facilities. All these facilities would ensure that most of your employees and clients are satisfied, ensuring bang for every buck you had spent.


Even though the amenities may be numerous, it is more crucial to make sure that the office has a professional, cheery, and well-lit atmosphere. It all enhances the appearance, whether its modern lighting fixtures or walls decorated with inspirational quotations.


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