“How do we survive and stay afloat during the pandemic?” was a concern that many businesses addressed themselves in 2020. Companies, on the other hand, are thinking about how to function effectively in a pandemic-stricken world in 2021. Offline meetings returned to our life when mass vaccination began and most quarantine restrictions were eased. 

However, it would be naive to believe that pre-covid standards can be restored, especially in case of rented co-working spaces. A major event like the COVID-19 epidemic, for better or worse, had to revise basic corporate etiquette conventions.

So, what exactly does the “new normal” entail? What principles apply to business events in the case of a pandemic? Are there any well-established rules in place at all?

Following are few unprecedented etiquette that constitute the ‘new normal’ and has changed things forever.

#1. Way Of Greeting: 

During pre-Covid times, the most frequent business greeting was a handshake. However, we have learnt about alternate greetings during the epidemic, such as elbow bumps, fist bumps, a modest bow, or prayer hands. At some workplaces, just verbal greetings have become the norm.

#2. Social Distancing:

Social gatherings has been a scenario to avoid at any and every place including shared office space downtown Calgary. Now, face-to-face meetings have been switched to online meetings, desks are arranged on an appropriate distance. To avoid becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus, it is recommended that you stay in your own area and keep a distance of around 6 feet from people at your workplace — for your own and others’ health.

#3. Wearing masks on daily basis:

Even after widespread vaccination, several nations (including Canada) continue to require masks to be worn on public transportation and in other public areas. What about professional gatherings? Is it worse to not wear a mask or to refuse to remove it? Yes, certainly it is. In any case, we recommend wearing a mask because there is no way to check the immunisation status of each person attending the business event. Besides, just because the majority of the players removed their masks does not indicate that everyone else must.

#4. Staying Home If Unwell:

It is preferable to be safe than sorry. When you’re unwell, keeping your distance may not be enough. Stay at home for your own sake, relax, and return only when you feel better.

Now, if you arrive at work unwell, people may not feel secure around you, causing you greater grief than your illness. So, take it easy at home and come back feeling better.

#5. Not Sharing Office Stationery or personal belongings:

Since the coronavirus is such a contagious disease, it is not recommended to share your office stationery with other as each touch can bring you closer to the brink of being infected. Even if you have to share, make sure you sanitize it before your own use.

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