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It certainly goes without saying that ‘Happy Workspace brings motivation and drives more profits. Paradoxically, most of us find our tables cluttered with stuff, a stinking office with dull coloured walls and nearly no motivation to work, and grow. Have you ever thought about what makes a workplace enjoyable and business lucrative? 

A few considerations can make wonders happen for you. Want to know what they are? Buckle up and read till the end.

Alrighty! So, here we go.

commercial space

  • Renting the perfect workspace


The very first thing that would decide the future of your business is the type of office that you end up renting. To make it clearer you must make a list of your basic requirements including the location, space, future plans to expand, number of employees, target audience and many more. 


You would be far better off if you hire a professional broker like somebody from Entegra Business Centre, who could analyse the things and type of Office Space Downtown Calgary that you might be in pursuit of.


  • Best utilize the space in the office


Keeping all the office stuff organized and managing the space well is the key to having a workplace that invites more positive vibes. If the place is frantic, you might not be able to comfortably see and move around, stopping everybody from enjoying your workspace to the fullest.


  • Make desk space comfortable

Personal desks should be like second homes. No, they can’t quite compete with that home mattress and down feather comforter, but they should be comfortable enough to provide comfort to your employees’ bodies, minds, and productivity for eight hours per day. Comfortable, back-supporting chairs, stand-up desks, and plenty of space to work are basic necessities too. Having these would provide utmost comfort to the employee motivating them to stay longer and work better at the office.


  • Add coworking and lounge areas

It’s vital to develop great desk areas, everyone needs a change of scenery once in a while. Adding “co-working” and lounge spaces around your office can help your employees change it up while remaining productive and focused. Consider including booth spaces, high-top tables, or comfy couches around your office space. This would allow your worker to relax a bit when overtired or overstressed. We provide you with tables, booths, couches, chairs, and every other kind of co-working space or furniture as per your budget. 


  • Incorporate Nature

Researchers suggest that we have an innate impulse to be in and connect to nature. It’s been proven to increase work productivity by 15%. Simply adding natural light, fresh plants, and an outdoor workspace can bring about the benefits of this phenomenon. Entegra Business centre helps you acquire outdoor seating, atrium inclusive workspaces so that your soldiers can get a ‘nature break’.


  • Make A Provision For A Reading Space In Your Office

Oftentimes, successful people attribute their success to self-help, inspiration, and business books. Nobody would deny that books are eternal treasures that turn normal humans into more rational, smarter and wiser people. Hence, having a corner or maybe a rack to house a few reference books along with an area of silence where employees can read those books to seek solutions to the problems, and introspect is likely to help them improve their knowledge and know-how about their company’s product range.

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