Since the culture of co-working has gained momentum due to its problem-solving traits, an increasing number of employers are switching to rented coworking spaces. Although coworking might seem to be a good solutions to many predicaments at workplace, it is not a panacea to all of them. Coworking spaces too have issues that, if not properly resolved, might do more harm than good. 

Entegra Business Centre, a Calgary-based company that offers the most rewarding and engaging shared office spaces for rent in Calgary shares a rundown of all those challenges and their possible solutions which might help deal with these problems for good.

So, buckle up and let’s begin:

Challenge #1:

Constant Distractions And Noise: Unwanted noise is one of the most frequent issues that arise when working in a coworking environment. Even the most patient individual can become agitated by the clacking of several laptop keyboards, phone conversations, and other computer prompts. All of these make it challenging to focus.

Possible Solution:

Setting and enforcing office etiquette standards, such as turning off phones and laptops and having phone talks in specified places, is a smart starting step. Another benefit can be reaped from facility design, like management can divide the workspace without sealing it off, think about using natural and man-made obstacles. You may also use facing desks to cut down on side distractions. 


Challenge #2:

Lack Of Privacy: One of the other major issues with coworking spaces is a lack of privacy. Nothing compares to the privacy of working from home, thus coworking spaces ought to provide some level of privacy.

Possible Solution:

The placement of desks and the use of space are essential for establishing seclusion. Although it compromises effective space use, increasing the distance between individual workstations is a straightforward technique to provide isolation.


Challenge #4:

Limited Space: A small office can reduce workers’ happiness and productivity because employees value their personal space more than any other area of the workplace. A problem of working in a shared office space, according to 39% of coworking employees, is the lack of space.

Possible Solution:

Utilizing the workspace optimally and getting layout designed by professional designers ca help fixing up this issue, making it easier for employees to enjoy their own space.


Challenge #5:

Insufficient Equipment: Fast internet is essential for remote employees who utilise coworking spaces to interact with their peers. Similarly, multiple outlets are required for someone who uses a phone, a light, and multiple monitors. She won’t be able to perform her duties to the best of her abilities if she can’t plug in her equipment as needed. While others could benefit from sit-stand desks, a worker with back issues will require a comfy chair to work in.

Possible Solution:

Even if their coworking space doesn’t, businesses still need to invest in the appropriate equipment for their operations. Extension cables or providing employees with equipment other than that provided by the coworking space might be the answer. Any workplace area must have furniture that promotes productivity and satisfies employee demands.

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