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When hunting for new office space, always make sure you are not undermining how important it is for your business. This is a decision that can affect your future. Looking for Office Rentals in Calgary? Do, get your quotes from Entegra Business Centre.Meeting rooms

Here are a couple of things to consider when selecting a new office space for lease:

  • Location: The most important thing to consider is the location and among businessmen, you might have heard the saying “location is everything.” It is a vital decision you make in your entire career. So, you’ll want to ensure that your office is at a location that is convenient for both clients and staff to get to. This is the key to making your clients and employees satisfied and happy. And, if you are looking for Office Rentals Calgary, approach us.


  • Infrastructure: Another important aspect to consider is the infrastructure. Now-a-days, it is playing a very crucial role in business. Good infrastructure allures and retains clients. Your clients and employees would feel joyous and excited while working at a place that has an amazing infrastructure and this will pass on the positive and healthy vibes.


  • Take only the space you need: You don’t want to rent more space than you actually need or you will end up squandering money paying for something that is unneeded. So, always check first and then pay only for the space you need.


  • Read the agreement carefully: Be sure to be aware of what exactly is written in the lease before you sign any legal documents. Pay special attention to hidden charges such as utilities and other fees that might be included. Never hesitate and ask bluntly about hidden costs.


  • Know your landlord well: It’s always been a common convention for property owners to run credit checks on their tenants. These days, however, it must go both ways. You will want to make sure your landlord is not sued legally or a troublemaker. When negotiating a bigger deal, you would most likely want to run a credit check on the property owner.


  • Check the amenities provided: Before signing a lease, make sure your office building has all the facilities you’ll need in future. For instance, we at Entegra Business Centre, provide office rentals Calgary to our customers along with many value-added facilities. These include:
    1. High-speed internet 
    2. Phone answering by our professional receptionists
    3. Mail sorting (and forwarding if requested)
    4. Receptionist 
    5. refreshments to all visiting guests
    6. Comfortable waiting area

On top of all this, Computers or laptops can be made available upon request for the client’s use; and the use of our meeting room and boardrooms is already included in our rent.


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