When searching for new office space, always make sure you are not underestimating how important it is for your business. This is a decision that can affect everything related to your business. Looking for a Commercial Space for lease Calgary?? Contact the Entegra Business Centre.

Office Space

Here are the most important things to consider when selecting a new office space for lease:

Location: The first and foremost thing is to consider the location and You’ve probably heard the phrase “location is everything.” It is a vital part of your decision making. You’ll want to make sure your office is in a convenient location for both clients and staff to get to. This is important if you want to make your clients and employees happy.

Infrastructure: The next thing that you should consider is the infrastructure. These days, it is playing a very crucial role in business. Good infrastructure is everything. Your clients and employees will feel happy and enthusiastic while working at a place having good infrastructure because this will pass on the positive and healthy vibes.

Don’t take more space than you need: You don’t want to lease more space than you need or you will end up wasting money paying for space that you are not going to use. So, always look and pay only for the space needed while choosing an office space for rent.

Read the lease carefully: Be sure you know exactly what is in the lease before you sign any legal papers. Pay specific attention to hidden costs such as utilities and other fees included. Never hesitate and ask about hidden costs.

Planning to go for an office space for lease? Contact the Entegra Business Centre and avail of our best services.

Investigate your landlord: It’s always been a tradition for property owners to run credit checks on their tenants. These days, however, it goes both ways. You’ll want to make sure your landlord is not in some kind of legal trouble. When negotiating a larger deal, you’ll most certainly want to run a credit check on the property owner.

Check the amenities provided: Before signing a lease, make sure your office building has all the amenities you’ll need.

We at Entegra, provide our customers with many added facilities. These include:

  • High-speed internet (150 Mbps), door sign display, phone answering by our professional receptionists, mail sorting (and forwarding if requested) and receptionist greeting to all visitors.
  • We also offer coffee, water or tea to all visiting guests and make sure they are seated comfortably in our waiting area.
  • Computers can be made available upon request for the client’s use.
  • The use of our meeting and boardrooms is included in our rental price.


Office Space for Lease


We always take care of our clients in the best possible way. So, are you planning to buy office space for rent? Entegra Business Centre offers fully-furnished office spaces for rent in your city, Calgary. For more information, contact us today!


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