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August 3, 2022

Keep Meetings on Track- a Step-By-Step Guide to Finding the Ideal Meeting Rooms in Calgary

Meeting Rooms space Downtown Calgary There is nothing worse than showing up to a meeting without preparing or setting up the meeting room. Similar to setting up a meeting agenda and invitation in advance, it is equally important to see if the right meeting room has been chosen so as to go for a meeting without a hitch. Don’t worry! We are here to wal …

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Meeting rooms
February 26, 2020|0 comments

Top 5 Benefits Of A Meeting Room Rental

If you’re a small business owner but are conducting a lot of meetings, you might think of doing meeting room rentals in Calgary, which has a lot of benefits. We know you’re a small business right now, but the meetings that you’re conducting right now will eventually lead you to become a big organization, and part of that process is by saving money, …

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Boardroom Space for Rent | Entegra Business Centre
January 16, 2020|0 comments

How to Rent a Boardroom Space at Calgary Business Centre

Entegra Business Centre has been providing office rental and virtual office services for close to 30 years at its current location, in the heart of downtown Calgary. Entegra is a perfect business environment for individuals, small companies, satellite offices of larger companies, and virtual tenants who simply require a mail address. We can offer y …

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Boardroom Space for Rent | Entegra Business Centre
December 23, 2019|0 comments

Finding the right Boardroom space for rent? Choose Entegra, know-why

In today’s era, a businessman needs to set up client meetings to run his business smoothly and that too in a professional setting. For this purpose, it is not necessary to buy space for the same. If you want to meet the client, then you can also go for boardroom space for rent . Whether you are meeting a client or conducting a high-level strategic …

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Office Space Rentals Calgary | Entegra Business Centre
November 8, 2019|0 comments

Top Benefits of Renting a Conference Room for Your Next Meeting

Most businessmen need to conduct meetings on a daily basis. For professional meeting rooms, they have to go for an office space. Buying office space is not a good choice to make. Rather one should go for meeting rooms for rent. Whether you are meeting a client or conducting a high-level strategic meeting, having a fully equipped and furnished confe …

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Virtual Office
November 1, 2019|0 comments

Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Office

When business calls for flexible work hours, virtual offices create an opportunity to work whenever they like from wherever they want. One can also go for a Virtual office for rent. It will save more costs. Moreover, operating a business can be a lot easier when you use virtual office services . It removes many of the worries that start-ups have abou …

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