As a start-up company/business, you should not think of buying a new office. Here, shared office space comes into play. What is your take on this? Will you buy an office space or you will go for a shared office space? An increasing number of companies are renting office spaces or are sharing office spaces with other businessmen to save costs. Do you want to save money by choosing this option? Want to rent a shared office spaces Calgary? You can contact us. We are the best in the town offering our clients the best services.

Let us now look into the benefits offered by shared office spaces:

Flexibility: The major and most obvious benefit of shared office spaces is flexibility. Many new businesses are not able to fully commit to long office leases. But nowadays you are having various options with you, one of which is choosing an office space for rent. Members of coworking spaces have the flexibility to set their own schedule and work when they prefer. No need to work around certain operating hours or someone else’s schedule.

More Opportunities: This will bring more opportunities to your network with start-up founders. Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs can help take the edge off when things get rough especially if those individuals are also working in the tech space. You would have never thought of this benefit offered by shared office spaces for rent.

Amenities and Services: This is another benefit you will get if you invest in shared

Office spaces. Each and every office space provider, add amenities and services for clients to stand out among other office space providers. At Entegra, we offer the following amenities:

  • High-speed internet (150 Mbps), door sign display, phone answering by our professional receptionists, mail sorting (and forwarding if requested) and receptionist greeting to all visitors. We offer coffee, water or tea to all visiting guests and make sure they are seated comfortably in our waiting area. Computers can be made available upon request for the client’s use. The use of our meeting and boardrooms is included in the rental price.
  • Parking: There is a complimentary 15 minute to 24-hour parking provided for guests along adjacent streets.

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The above mentioned are the major benefits which shared office spaces for rent provide. Besides these, there are many other benefits as well but these are the major ones. Hence investing in shared office spaces is very beneficial especially for those who have just started their business.


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