Thinking of starting up your own company but at a smaller scale in Canada? And, regardless of what the level of your business operations would be, are you not ready to compromise on the quality of the ambience you offer to your enthusiastic work force? Then, perhaps, you would be taking a decent office space for rent in downtown Calgary the beginning, and for doing so, you should be fully aware of what the benefits and drawbacks could be of renting a work space. Hence, following is a quick rundown of the main advantages and disadvantages of it:

Shared Office Space for rent

Let’s consider the benefits first.

Lease flexibility Short-term leases or “ready-to-go” offices are available for immediate occupancy. You may opt to depart and move in immediately and on short notice, and there are no legal fees or references required when signing a lease. In today’s digitally linked world, a flexible office space helps to the company’s flexible work culture, which many employees demand.

Overheads are kept to a minimum– There is a low or nearly non-existent upfront deposit, no fit-out charges, and no depreciation costs. Many hired serviced office spaces provide all-inclusive monthly payment alternatives, making extra budgeting for IT and communications packages, as well as other supplementary amenities, much easier. Given the rising expenses and demand for high-quality IT services, this is a terrific approach to share and minimise costs throughout the organisation.

Ease of expansion or reduction– At a serviced and rented site, businesses may simply, swiftly, and flexibly expand or reduce their office space. Money will not be squandered on unused space, and you will be able to expand without having to relocate your firm.

Professional appearance– You may be confident that the exteriors and interiors of the business centre at a rented space are kept in excellent condition. This will assist your company in maintaining a professional image at all times. All interior cleaning is included in the rental workstation fee, allowing you to create a clean and sanitary environment for shift workers as well. Cleaning and maintenance are normally taken care of at a rented office space if a group of your employees departs the day workplace for night-shifters to come in.

Value added Services– If you take a rented office space, you’re more likely to get various value added services like mail collection, pantry service, an active call answering facility and maybe a full-time receptionist to greet visitors.

However, there are certain drawbacks too which should be taken into consideration before renting an office space in downtown Calgary

  • May be costly in the long run– While serviced office pricing can save money in the short to medium term, serviced office spaces can be costly to rent in the long run.


  • Identical offices– As previously said, you will almost certainly have to make due with the décor, furniture, and paint colours offered without being able to tailor them to your brand’s requirements and demands. 


  • Crowded spaces– Serviced office leasing spaces may become crowded as a result of shared parking spots, community kitchens, and washrooms.

So, should we go with a rented office space?

Well, if it’s a business start-up, then this option’s a no brainer. Just keep in mind that such options are viable for short or medium-run. Do not consider them as a long-term option. And, do bear in mind that all the drawbacks of it can be dealt with easily.

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