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Planning to go with an Office Space Calgary that you can share with another company but have no idea how to properly divide it? Don’t worry, we got you.

Below, we have listed down some of the many things that you can do to properly divide shared office space. 

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5 Things You Can Do To Properly Divide A Shared Office 

  • Add Divider

The first thing that you need to do when you’re trying to divide a shared office is make sure that you add a divider in between the office space. This is a simple yet very effective thing to do when you are trying to divide the office. Make sure that the divider you are going with is in dark color and is big enough to keep everything inside the office space private. 

  • Have Separate Break Rooms

Having separate break rooms is a must in shared office spaces, especially if there are more than 20 employees in both companies. Try to make sure that each break room is capable of handling around 10 people at the same time and make sure that they are pretty far from the other break room. Remember, it’s your office, so do whatever you want but make sure that your employees focus on the work they are assigned to, not chatting with the other employees. 

  • Sound Proof Walls 

If it’s possible, you want to add sound proof walls inside your office,, especially if you are trying to divide everything properly and are trying to respect privacy and confidentiality of what’s happening in your office. This one is a must, especially if your business involves numbers, money, and other private clauses in the contract. It is your duty to make sure that what happens in your office stays in your office.  

  • No Trespassing 

Another thing that’s a must to do is make sure that your employees are not trespassing or are going to the other office space and the employees of the other company are not coming to your place, especially during work hours unless there is an emergency. The management of the companies that will be sharing the office space should come up with trespassing rules. It is their duty to make sure that every employee stays within their areas at all times. 

  • Set Rules 

Without rules inside shared office spaces, everything will be a mess, which is why you should have rules and regulations according to what’s happening inside it. From the things everyone can do to the things that should be avoided, the management of the companies that will be sharing the office space should come up with rules that should be implemented over everyone. 

Did we miss out anything good above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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