Yes, yet we are almost full despite having recently expanded by 12 offices in Calgary. We only have a few left and they are going fast. Call us today at 403-252-5500 and ask for Peter to reserve your space at our south Calgary location.

No. The Entegra Business Centre is one of the few office centres in South Calgary that has underground parking, and we have plenty of it. Need an office for two people with underground parking? No problem.

Executive office space is office space where there are numerous offices for different businesses sharing a common reception area and receptionist that answers everyone’s individual business phone lines. The Entegra Business Centre has one of Calgary’s largest executive office spaces with close to 40 offices and is one of the only executive office centres in Calgary, south of down town, with underground parking.

The average price for executive office space in Calgary is approximately $1,000 per month, including business tax, janitorial service, and rent. This makes Entegra Business Center a more affordable option, without losing any of the benefits. Be careful when selecting an office centre, as many will have hidden fees for commodities such as coffee, kitchen use, internet and janitorial services. Entegra Business Centre includes these in their total price, so you won’t have to worry about getting slapped with a bill that is much higher than you expected.

While you can find some office spaces for less than $600 in Calgary, the vast majority of those offices would be away from the down town core. When choosing an office space, one of the most important factors is proximity to where the majority of your business is done. One business centre that offers fairly low prices but is still in fairly close proximity to down town business community is the Entegra Business Centre just south of Glenmore Trail, with rates as low as $600/month that include business tax, janitorial service, high speed internet, coffee, boardroom usage and rent.

Are you planning on never having more than 2 people in your office space? Use an executive office space so that our receptionist can answer your phone and can greet your guests so that your administrative assistant can keep working. If you’re planning on have more than two people in your space within one year then we recommend that you either look elsewhere or try to get a shorter lease.

Need an office for just a few hours? Maybe just for a day? How about a week or just a month. We have at least one available at almost any time. There’s not many, if any, office centres in Calgary or anywhere, for that matter, that can boast that. One office centre that does is the Entegra Business Centre, which has some of the shortest terms for any lease of office space in the city of Calgary. All of their short term lease offices come fully furnished with comfortable ergonomic manager’s chairs and high speed internet access.

Smaller office spaces in Calgary typically offer a one or two year term lease, though there are some that prefer a longer length of stay.

During economic downturns many commercial landlords may suggest a lease commitment of 3 to 5 years or even longer for larger commercial spaces. If you are sure that your business will thrive in a recession then it’s probably best to sign for a longer term so that when the upturn comes you will be locked in at the lower rate that landlords are willing to consider during a downturn. Fortunately, Calgary has not suffered many economic downturns and the economy is, for the most part, always fairly stable. Typically, business owners can feel comfortable with a 1 to 2 year lease.

To make an inquiry about our professional office space, please fill out the forum below and we will respond as soon as possible.