At times people are keen to know the difference between a mailing address and a physical address. As part of the commercial property renting there is an option available with business owners to choose between a mailing address and a physical address. We also provide the provision to go in for a commercial property for rent in Calgary. In general, a mailing address can often be the same as a street address, but this is not always the case. To understand why we must first acknowledge that the two types of addresses are often defined and regulated by two separate authoritative entities that generally serve different purposes. We have the facility that can be leveraged by people who may go in for commercial space for rent in Calgary based on need basis.


Multiple Purposes of These Addresses

A mailing address, or postal address, is often regulated by postal authorities that are commonly associated with services related to the sending and receiving of mail. Of course, one can rent premises at an upmarket place just for mailing address purposes. In the US USPS would be managing the mailing address and in the United Kingdom, Royal Mail would manage it. Deutsche Post DHL Group for Germany and JP Post or Japan Post for Japan. These postal authorities can be public government agencies, like the USPS, or privatized companies like Royal Mail, Deutsche Post and JP Post that will manage the postal address.

On the other hand, a physical address sometimes referred to as a street address, is used to describe where a place is geographically located. The physical address usually has a set geographic boundary that is recognized and governed by an administrative area. If an address resides in an incorporated area then its municipality is generally responsible for providing the utility services on this address. If an address resides in a rural or in an unincorporated area, then these services are provided by the governing body of the area. We ensure the business owner has an option to go in for the best addresses in Calgary town including commercial space for lease in Calgary.

Where a physical address is geographically located, the location may determine what public and private services it has access to. For example, a rural address may not have access to readily available public transportation or high-speed internet, whereas an address in a metropolitan area likely would.

Choosing an Appropriate Route

Mailing address datasets are generally used to help facilitate and ensure the delivery of mail, and they are not necessarily one-to-one comparable with geographic datasets. The main reason being that these datasets are intended to serve different purposes. Let’s take USPS ZIP Codes for instance in the USA. USPS ZIP Codes are not geographic areas. They are a collection of mail delivery routes and they help identify individual post offices and delivery stations that are associated with mailing addresses.

ZIP Codes help the USPS determine the best route for delivering mail. It is not uncommon for a physical address, that is geographically located in one locality, to be assigned to a different locality in its mailing address. This is common for areas where a single post office or delivery station may serve multiple localities.

Which Address to Prefer

For some people, their physical address is the same as their mailing address and when asked for their address they don’t have to worry about which address to give because they are both the same. At times when the premises are rented, that is also a boon for the tenants as there is the convenience of the use of addresses. We can vouch for it as we provide tenant services in Calgary. For others who don’t have matching mailing and physical addresses, some consideration is needed. If the purpose of the address is to send mail to it, then the mailing address should be given. If the address is needed to locate where a place is geographically located, then the physical address is needed. At times there are misconceptions and confusion on the behalf of the party requesting the address. The party asking for the address may simply be unaware that not all mailing addresses are physical addresses and that not all physical addresses have mailing addresses. We ensure an individual seeking appropriate address gets the address customer is expecting, people simply need to approach us for the desired services and we will do the needful based on customer satisfaction.

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