Why Are Shared Office Spaces Trending These Days?

Coworking spaces, usually referred to as shared office spaces, are workplaces that are utilized by a variety of organizations and people, including freelancers and entrepreneurs. Shared Office space for rent in Calgary has become more and more popular in recent years. They’re ideal for freelancers since they not only offer a highly collaborative workspace for any type of business but also because they’re friendly and reasonably priced. 

But wait, there’s more! The reasons why coworking spaces are so well-liked have all been discussed here.



Since shared working spaces may be extremely advantageous for their expanding enterprises, start-up companies are frequently drawn to them. Typically, a long-term lease is needed when renting a typical office. However, rolling contracts are frequently offered by coworking spaces.

Additionally, you’re never too distant from someone who may have a significant influence on your start-up firm thanks to the abundance of networking and socializing possibilities offered by coworking spaces.



One of the many reasons shared office spaces have become so popular is because many coworking spaces profit from regular networking events that give individuals the chance to get to know the other people in their shared office space.



Whether you perform your best work at night or in the morning, coworking spaces provide workers the freedom to determine their own work hours, with many of them providing members with 24/7 access. The versatility of coworking spaces is what draws so many individuals there.



One of the main concerns of independent contractors is that they frequently experience loneliness and inefficiency when working from home. The option of working from coffee shops, though, might be costly and as ineffective.

In addition to offering free tea and coffee, coworking spaces give freelancers a location to base themselves from where they can plug in their laptops, focus, and finish their job.



Shared office space for rent Calgary is far less expensive to rent than typical offices for hire and provides a variety of membership choices for any type of business, from small firms that need a private office to freelancers who only want to hot desk for a few days a week. In addition, many coworking spaces provide complimentary tea, coffee, and cookies, and incorporate meeting rooms and event facilities in the monthly charge.



Coworking facilities draw a wide variety of individuals, from independent contractors to small enterprises, so there is always someone with whom to exchange ideas, even over a Friday drink.

Freelancers frequently discuss how lonely their work may be, particularly if they work from home. However, shared office spaces may be incredibly collaborative, giving people the ideal environment to form relationships, make friends, and sense of belonging in a group.

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Three Things You Can Do In Order To Keep Proper Privacy In Shared Office

Working in a shared office space is one of the best things that you can do if you recently started your business and want to save money so that you can invest it elsewhere. There is a number of challenges that one has to face in shared office space, but before we start talking about any other thing you are going to face in there, we want to talk about what you can do in order to keep proper privacy in shared office space.

We know keeping things private in a co-working office space in Calgary is not an easy thing to do, but the good thing is that we are here and we are going to help you out in making sure that you are doing everything the right way.

Three Things You Can Do In Order To Keep Proper Privacy In Shared Office 

1. Learn how to be distant

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are being distant from other people that are working in your co-working office space, especially if you are one of those people who prefer to be alone and don’t want anyone to disturb you while working. Remember, you are going to work from that place for some time, and keeping a proper distance from others becomes important as talking with them during work can waste a lot of your precious time. By doing this simple thing, you will be able to keep your things private.

2. Set up your office space

The second thing that you need to do is set up your office place. The things that you need instantly keep them in reach and things/files that are private keep them somewhere safer. Having a proper office is most important to maintain privacy. If you keep everything in open where everyone has the access you can’t think about privacy.

3. Do things on your own 

The third thing that you need to do is make sure that you are doing things on your own and are not asking too much help from the people that are working around you. Remember, not everyone around you is your friend. So, if you want safety and security learn to things on your own.

Do you think we missed out on anything important about the things that you can do in order to keep proper privacy in your shared office? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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Security & Productiveness in the New Normal

An office is an important place for any company to foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity. It should be a space that is comfortable and inspiring.

In a shared office space, employees have designated areas and there is also a sense of community where people can collaborate and interact with others. Shared office spaces are perfect for those who need to be at the office but want to avoid the hassle of commuting or parking.

Workplace safety is an important factor in the success of any company. It is important not only for the employee but also for their employer.

Shared Office

Employee Safety Tips:

There are some safety tips that you should keep in mind when you opt for shared office space for rent in Calgary.

  • Emergency Risk

1) Always make sure that there are enough exits in case of an emergency.

2) Have a fire alarm installed with a smoke detector and sprinkler system.

3) Make sure that everyone knows where the nearest fire extinguisher is located and how to use it.

4) Make sure that all electrical equipment is properly grounded and has safety covers on all exposed wires.

5) Maintain your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems regularly to ensure they are working properly and don’t pose any danger to employees or customers.

  • Social Distancing at the Workplace:

It is important to keep a distance of at least one meter from your co-workers. This will help you avoid too much physical contact with them, which can lead to infections. The step to take towards improving workplace safety is to social distancing at the workspace. This means that you should keep your desk as far away from other people as possible and have a clear line of sight to the door so that you can see if someone is coming in or not.

  • Keep Ergonomics in Check:

It is important to keep ergonomics in check so that you don’t have any problems with your back or shoulder muscles and other parts of the body that are strained by long periods of sitting in front of a computer screen or working on a desk for hours on end. Ensure that your chair, keyboard and mouse are all set up properly for you.

Employee Productivity Tips:

1. Reduce Unnecessary Meetings

In reducing the number of meetings in your office, you can save time and increase productivity. Meetings are often unnecessary and they can take up valuable time. They also can be a distraction from other important tasks at hand. Over a shared office for rent in Calgary where employees can collaborate with each other more efficiently and creatively. This will help them work together more productively on projects without the need for constant communication over email or Slack messages.

2. Enable cross-functional cooperation: Collaborating with people in different fields can create new ideas and perspectives. Collaboration and communication play the most vital role in office success. It has been observed and examined that most of the employees feel disengaged and so this has to note for the future success of the employee as well as for the employer.

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How To Properly Divide A Shared Office – Tips For Companies

Planning to go with an Office Space Calgary that you can share with another company but have no idea how to properly divide it? Don’t worry, we got you.

Below, we have listed down some of the many things that you can do to properly divide shared office space. 

office space Calgary

5 Things You Can Do To Properly Divide A Shared Office 

  • Add Divider

The first thing that you need to do when you’re trying to divide a shared office is make sure that you add a divider in between the office space. This is a simple yet very effective thing to do when you are trying to divide the office. Make sure that the divider you are going with is in dark color and is big enough to keep everything inside the office space private. 

  • Have Separate Break Rooms

Having separate break rooms is a must in shared office spaces, especially if there are more than 20 employees in both companies. Try to make sure that each break room is capable of handling around 10 people at the same time and make sure that they are pretty far from the other break room. Remember, it’s your office, so do whatever you want but make sure that your employees focus on the work they are assigned to, not chatting with the other employees. 

  • Sound Proof Walls 

If it’s possible, you want to add sound proof walls inside your office,, especially if you are trying to divide everything properly and are trying to respect privacy and confidentiality of what’s happening in your office. This one is a must, especially if your business involves numbers, money, and other private clauses in the contract. It is your duty to make sure that what happens in your office stays in your office.  

  • No Trespassing 

Another thing that’s a must to do is make sure that your employees are not trespassing or are going to the other office space and the employees of the other company are not coming to your place, especially during work hours unless there is an emergency. The management of the companies that will be sharing the office space should come up with trespassing rules. It is their duty to make sure that every employee stays within their areas at all times. 

  • Set Rules 

Without rules inside shared office spaces, everything will be a mess, which is why you should have rules and regulations according to what’s happening inside it. From the things everyone can do to the things that should be avoided, the management of the companies that will be sharing the office space should come up with rules that should be implemented over everyone. 

Did we miss out anything good above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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How To Increase Privacy Inside Your Shared Office

Shared offices are such a huge thing these days, considering that they help offices save a lot of money and they are pretty effective for start-up businesses, but one of the many problems that start-ups face when they are working in shared offices is the fact that they do not get proper privacy.

As a shared office for rent Calgary services provider, we want to help management teams to increase the privacy in their offices.

To make that happen, Office Rentals Calgary will be listing down some of the many things that you can do in order to increase privacy while working in a shared office space.

 Office Rentals Calgary

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Privacy Inside Shared Office

  • Divide the office

The first thing that the management of the shared offices should do is divide the office in the best possible way.

Try to give one corner to the other company and the other corner to the other company. In this way, you guys can stay away from each other when working, which also increases the privacy of all employees and personal data along with conversations.

  • Have a divider

Another thing that shared offices should have is a divider, considering that some people have a bad habit of looking around when working, which can get them distracted really fast. To avoid this from happening and to keep all your employees focused, you need to have a divider inside your office space, considering that it’s a shared one.

Add the divider in the middle of the office, so you can keep one company on one side and the second one on the other.

  • Avoid contact during work hours

Avoid contact with one company during work hours so you can keep everyone focused.

Like what we said above, a lot of employees get distracted really fast and end up wasting hours of their work by simply talking with each other, so to avoid this, you want to have strict rules when it comes to contact with the other company during work hours. They might think that you’re overreacting, but the thing is, they get paid to do their work, not to waste their time and delay the tasks that were given to them. Did Office Space Rentals Calgary miss out on anything in the list above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving out a comment in the comments section below!


4 Things You Need To Have In Your Office – Office Tips

Running an office is not an easy thing to do, considering that you have to do a number of things, which includes making sure that your employees have everything inside it that would allow or help everyone to work efficiently.

But what exactly are those things that you need to have in your office?

Below, office space for rent Calgary Downtown will be listing down some of the most basic things that you need to have in your office so you can make everything much more efficient.

office space for rent


4 Things You Need To Have In Your Office

  • Ethernet ports

Yep, you need to have this one in your office.

If your work is heavily dependent on the internet, you need to have ethernet ports at every single desk that there is present in your office space, considering that ethernet ports help give a computer or a laptop with much more stable browsing speeds.

Also, if you guys carry out a lot of zoom meetings with your clients, you need to have this one, considering that wi-fi speeds are not that stable.

  • Photocopying machine

Yep, this one is a must!

Offices run a lot on paperwork and if you guys are not printing that much paper, you guys are doing a lot of things wrong.

Yes, emails and sending documents or pdfs to other people in your office is a good alternate, however, physical copies are also a must during such times, considering that you might not always have access to the online version of the document.

  • Pens and notebooks

If they’re not taking down notes, they’re doing it wrong.

You want everyone inside your Office Space Calgary to have pens and notebooks, considering that they need to note some important things that your clients have asked to be done or if you guys are trying to implement new things inside your office.

Not only that, but having notes can help you become more efficient while working, considering that you know what to do and when to do things.

  • File folders

The last thing that we decided to list down below is file folders.

File Folders are pretty amazing, considering that they can keep all paperwork inside your office in one place.

Usually, a single folder is designated for a single client, and all their bills, their to-do list, and their history is present in that folder. This can help you keep yourself organized and it can make things extremely easier for you.

Did Calgary Office Space Rental miss out on anything in the list above? Let us know what we missed out on by leaving a comment in the comments section below!


Why Is Proper Lighting Important in an Office?

Employees spend over 8 hours a day inside an office for work on a daily basis, depending on their shifts.

Working for an extended period of time is not a good thing to do, especially when the circumstances inside the office that you are working in right now are not that good.

One thing that is commonly pointed out in an Office Space for Lease Calgary is the fact that the lighting is pretty bad.

A lot of people do not believe that lighting affects workflow, especially the ones that own the offices or its managing staff along with some employees. But the thing is that poor lighting can have a huge effect on the workflow of your office.

This is why in this blog, office space for rent Calgary is going to list down some reasons on why it is important to have proper lighting inside your shared office for rent Calgary.

Office Space

3 main reasons why it’s important to have proper lighting in your office

  1. Avoids eye strain

Eye strain is one of the most common eye problems that office workers get to experience, especially the ones that are using their computers or phones all the time. Eye strain can be avoided with a number of things, which include proper lighting, proper screen, and eye distance along with taking regular breaks from work.

Here are some symptoms of eye strain that you might be experiencing if you are using your computer too much in a dark room:

Sore eyes

• Tired eyes

• Burning eyes

• Itchy eyes

• Watery eyes

• Dry eyes

• Blurred vision

• Double vision

• Headache 

• Pressure on the forehead

• Pressure around eyes

• Increased sensitivity to light

• Difficulty concentrating

  1. Poor lighting makes you sleepy

If you work in a dark room, the chances are pretty high that you will be more sleepy. Working in a dark room is like working inside your bedroom during the nighttime with the lights off, your body will think it’s time to sleep. So instead of doing that, try working in an area where lighting is proper. You will notice a lot of differences in your mood!

2. It feels better

When you work in a room where lighting is not properly present, the feeling is not nice when you compare it with working in a room that has proper lighting. You are more likely to feel tired, exhausted, and unmotivated when you are working in a room that is dark. Working in a bright room on the other hand makes you feel more awake considering that it’s not easy to sleep in that kind of room.


How To Find Best Shared Office For Rent In Calgary

As a business owner, it is your duty to make sure that you are doing everything you can to save money and use that money to improve your services and increase your sales. But doing that is not easy. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to make things easy.

One of the things that you can do to save money when it comes to running an office is opt in for shared office spaces.

Shared office spaces are amazing for newly opened businesses or businesses that are trying to save money.

To help you out with that, Entegra Business Centre, a shared office for rent Calgary provider listing down some things that you can do to find the best shared office space for rent in Calgary.

Shared Office for Rent Calgary

4 Things You Can Do To Find The Best Shared Office Space For Rent In Calgary

  1. Use The Internet

The first thing that you want to do when finding the best office space for rent in Calgary is to use the internet. We live in the so-called digital era, and if you are still not using the internet when buying something, checking out some places, or find the best office spaces, you are missing out on a lot of things. Instead of just doing everything manually, you want to rely on the internet so you can find the best office space for lease Calgary.

  • Look At Office Listings On Kijiji

Everyone in Canada knows what Kijiji is. So if you’re on the internet, you want to look at the online listings that are present on Kijiji. This is a very important thing to do in such times, considering that online listings can help you save a lot of time. Not only that, office listings on Kijiji have images posted already, meaning that you can look at an overview of what the office is like before even going to look at that place.

  • Come To Entegra

Entegra is one of the best office spaces provider in Calgary, Canada. Our office spaces are complete and we also offer shared office spaces for start-ups or companies that are downsizing because of the ongoing pandemic and other personal reasons. To know more information about our services, call us on the number below or send us an email below so we can contact right away.

  • Hire A Broker

If you want to have professional help with you, you want to hire a broker. This is an important thing to do in such times, considering that you want to be 100 percent sure that you are doing the right thing. Brokers can help you get the best bang-for-the-buck office space that is available to rent out in your city right now.


4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Office Moving Calgary An Easy Process

Office moving is one of the hardest things that you can experience after renting or leasing out an office for your business.

When it comes to moving, you will need to pack, transport, and arrange everything by yourself or with the help of some professionals.

The task will take a lot of time and energy and there will be a point during the moving that you will just say “I needed professional help for this”.

In order to help you out in the process of office moving, we, Entegra, the best shared office for rent Calgary, Canada, will be listing down some things that you can do in order to make the office moving process an easy one.

Shared Office for Rent Calgary

4 Things You Can Do To Make The Moving Process An Easy One

  1. Get Professional Help

The first thing that you can do to for moving into commercial space for lease Calgary is by getting professional help. Instead of just doing everything by yourself, you want to find the best office moving services provider in your city and get things done. Here are some websites that will help you find the best office movers in Calgary:

  • Get Everything Delivered At Your Office

The second thing that you want to do office space for lease Calgary is making sure everything is delivered at your office, not in your house or old office. This is an important thing to do because you do not want to carry such things with you when you could have just got them delivered to your new place. This is just one of the many things that people go wrong with when they are moving offices.

  • Stay Calm

Moving can be stressful, and you will forget about a lot of things. Instead of just getting angry or really upset about you messing up things, you want to get it together and try to fix things and find new ways that will make it better for you. This is an important thing to do in such times.

  • Go With A Fully Furnished Office

If you want to get rid of all the trouble, why not just go with a fully furnished office space from Entegra? Our services will help you become the best in your game and help you reach places that you never imagined off.

Note: These are just 4 of the many things that you can use to make the moving process an easy one.


Benefits of Shared Office Space

We provide office space as part of the flexible workspace industry devoted to providing a useful combination of services, space and technology, without any burden of bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing business space. There is a provision of shared office space at attractive rates in downtown Calgary that will serve as a prominent business address as well. With evolving business practice, we have ensured to embrace much-needed features such as having business personnel with diverse experience, sufficient physical space, digital storage and communication services as part of the total package. Our customers pay a contract fee for these services based on their convenience ranging from à la carte, as packages or even based on membership subscription at attractive rates and avail the benefit of shared office spaces in Calgary.


The concept is gaining popularity as a virtual office offers flexibility to employees and freelancers to work from a remote location. At the same time, a company availing virtual office has an option to offer its clients and employees a stable office space with access to amenities such as a pleasant support staff, conference and meeting rooms, desk space, mailboxes, printing and fax facilities at a permanent office location that is owned and managed by the virtual office provider. As a promoter of state-of-the-art technology, we are also happy to provide digital technology to our customers including cloud storage, web hosting and email services.  For us, the virtual office concept is an evolution of the traditional executive suite. We understand the need for optimal usage of real estate, personnel and other useful capital. The services we offer include Physical Services which are further sub-divided into a business address, mail services, conference rooms, desk space and private offices, receptionist services, storage space and shared office space for rent. Digital Services offered by us comprise of a phone number and instant messaging, chat and prominently used web-based platforms, video conferencing, webinar-hosting and cloud-based solutions.

We also offer much sought after coworking option that is the new trend in the flexible workspace and our objective is that the person investing money gets a return for value. Virtual reality is another service offering from our end that has the capability of creating office spaces that are physical spaces within the virtual world where the workforce can work alongside each other making it a productive environment to work. Virtual tenancy for us is a cost-saving option for entrepreneurs, who choose to work from a small office or from home but want to present the right image to potential and loyal clients. Virtual office cost ranges from low budget solutions which offer you to rent only a business address with a virtual mailbox service, to all-inclusive memberships with access to all facilities at a price that suits your pocket. Furthermore, boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference facilities are provided as well as a part of a professional relationship or at special rates.  Shared office space for lease is also offered for the benefit of the customer.

We believe an upmarket office address helps enhance the brand image. Your clients and partners will associate you with other reputed companies running high-end operations. We offer you an option to add perfection in operating your business by registering the entity at our business place and perform all activities legally and with ease.  We are determined to be a valuable partner in your business success and in case of assistance we have a friendly and professional qualified team ready to address all your queries. There is customer friendly administrative staff available as well to manage routine tasks to perfection. Come avail the advantage of our address and grow your customer base exponentially.