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Not getting any suitable deals on Boardroom Space for rent SW Calgary? Boardrooms and conference rooms are often forgotten in the planning
of a new building or remodel. This is unfortunate as they are important spaces to accommodate different types of activities, staff meetings, and conferences with clients. A boardroom should be designed with size, configuration, lighting, ventilation, and acoustics in mind.

It is best to determine the needs of the boardroom before deciding on the furnishings and layout. To this end, it is advantageous to involve not only that person who will regularly use the room but also others who will make use of it on an occasional basis.

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The primary function of a conference room (or a meeting room) is to provide space for conferences; which include telephone conferences, studio discussions, meetings with clients or potential clients, presentation of new product lines or technological development, and other business-related discussions. Unlike boardrooms, conference rooms are designed for more casual meetings without executives in attendance.

Creative, efficient, and practical; your office space will be transformed with the installation of one of the Executive Suites + Office Solutions’ Board Room packages. With our versatile range of top-quality boardroom furniture, you can create the ultimate professional atmosphere guaranteed to impress clients and staff alike. Whether you’re looking for an intimate setting or a larger meeting space, we provide you with office space rentals Calgary and all packages will suit your all requirements.

Meeting Room Space Downtown Calgary

With over twenty years in the industry, we have the expertise and experience to help you create an exciting and dynamic working environment. Our board rooms are designed to suit every type of business. With our combined knowledge of interior design, office furniture, and construction, we can transform your office into one that is equipped to handle all your daily functions. With access to over five thousand products from over one hundred world-renowned manufacturers, we’re able to provide top quality services for any budget. We’ve also got a wealth of interior designers at our disposal with many years of experience in delivering exceptional results.

Board rooms are one of the most important features of any corporate office. They provide an essential and beautiful environment for meetings and other corporate gatherings.

These carefully customized rooms can be furnished with any kind of furniture, but we consider these four to be the most important pieces: chairs, tables, presentation equipment (i.e., monitors, wireless internet, presentation media), and telephones.In order to make sure our customers’ boards room will be able to accommodate different purposes and sizes, we offer them all kinds of board room furnishings. Our board room furnishings include:

  • Full furniture sets (includes chairs, tables, cabinets, and chairs legs)
  • Full furniture sets (includes tables, cabinets, and chairs legs) for kitchens or pantries
  • Chairs only (for offices with low traffic areas)
  • Chairs only (for offices without high traffic areas)

Board rooms are the most important part of office space for corporate meetings. Whatever kind of business you do requires that you have a dedicated board room.

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With some of the most affordable professional space Calgary has available, Entegra Business Centre includes:

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  • Free meeting space

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