In a dynamic city like Calgary, it’s important to make sure each business decision you make syncs with how things are always changing in the market. Choosing the location of your office is one such decision, requiring careful consideration of various factors when searching for office space in Calgary. In this article, we’ll provide you with the information you need for the process of finding an office space and equip you with some helpful tips.

Eight steps to follow while looking for an office space 

  1. Make a list of your business requirements 

If you don’t know what your needs are for your business, it might get a little stressful for you later on. That’s why you must list out all your business requirements. In that list, you can include the following:-

  • The amount of space you need for the smooth functioning of your business. 
  • The total budget you can allocate for the office. 
  • The office supplies you need for your team. 
  • The parking and safety measures of the office space. 
  • Flexible options in terms of the lease plan.
  1. Identify the location

Location is very important for your business as it can impact your total cost, your business operations, and your team as well. The best approach to identifying the location is to look at your competitors. If multiple competitors are successful in a specific location, it suggests market demand exists for your type of business there. In certain industries, being near competitors can create a “destination” effect, attracting more customers seeking comparisons or variety. However, you cannot solely focus on your competitor because they may have made location choices based on outdated information or their specific circumstances, which may not apply to you.  Also, you might miss out on strategic locations competitors haven’t considered.

Another strategy is to search for the term “office space for rent near me” on Google. You will get plenty of options online by doing the search. Weigh the different factors based on your business priorities and team needs to find the perfect location that promotes productivity, engagement, and success.

  1. Infrastructure you need

Without proper infrastructure, no business can function properly. So, the right location should be the one which has a proper and well-functioning infrastructure. Some of the infrastructure types are written below:-

  • A proper wi-fi connectivity to ensure uninterrupted internet. 
  • Sufficient power to the outlets.
  • Ample space and rooms for different business operations. 
  • A thorough security check facility to keep your employees and business space safe. 
  • Availability of elevators and ramps. 
  1. Lease terms and flexibility

Getting a lease for your office is crucial for maintaining uniformity of your rent even if the market conditions change considerably. Read your lease contract carefully.

Alongside this, you should ensure that your lease is flexible enough to accommodate your growing business. That is because there are chances things may not turn out how you had planned earlier? To tackle it, you should have breakup clauses in your lease terms. 

  1. Look at different rental options

Calgary is a big city with multiple options available in the city. On your hunt for office space, you’ll encounter the following rental options:

  • Traditional office spaces
  • Coworking spaces
  • Serviced offices
  • Virtual offices
  • Shared offices
  • Specialized industry spaces
  1. Do networking right

Your business network can prove to be your best help when it comes to choosing among the available offices for rent in Calgary. You can attend local meetups and events in which your fellow entrepreneurs attend. 

Another approach is to join the local industry-specific groups as per your industry. There are distinct online networking communities on different social media platforms that you must join. In Calgary, workshops and seminars happen regularly, which you can attend to get insights into the industry trends for office spaces. 

  1. Legal and regulatory considerations

The last step for having an office for rent is to go through legal and regulatory considerations. You should also know about insurance for your office and select the best available insurance among the options you come across. 

Furthermore, you must understand the maintenance responsibilities and make an agreement in advance to avoid disputes later on. In case,  you are planning for a makeover for the shortlisted office space, you should know the rules for the renovation. 

  1. Visit the site and make the final decision

Before you finalize things by signing the contract, it’s really important to check out the office space in person. But whether you can do this or not depends on what’s written in the rental agreement and the rules set by the landlord or agent. 

While many landlords or agents are okay with you looking around, there are rules called “access clauses” that decide when and how you can do this. It’s a good idea to ask for written confirmation about when you can view the place and any limits on this before you sign anything. Remember, it’s your right to see the space for yourself and make sure it’s what you expected before you agree to rent it.

Final Words

All these steps can help you decide on one of the top-notch offices for rent in Calgary.  If you still need help with finding the top-rated offices for rent in Calgary, you should contact us. We at Entegra Business Centre have been in this business for more than 30 years. You will get the best office rental of your choice with our help. So, get in touch with us now!

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