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Instead of seeing a decrease in the coronavirus cases, we are noticing a huge surge. As the numbers increase this also means that offices and other business organizations are going to shut down and implement work from home.

While keeping this in mind, companies that are still allowed to operate during this Coronavirus pandemic should prioritise implementing precautionary measures to keep their clients, employees and themselves safe.

This is why in this blog Office Space Rentals provider will be listing down some things you can do to keep your office space safe during this Coronavirus pandemic.

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5 things you can do to keep your employees safe during this Coronavirus pandemic

  1. Wear masks

First thing that you want to make sure everyone in your office premises are wearing masks. The CDC along with WHO and many health experts believe that wearing a mask can help a lot in preventing mass transmissions in heavily loaded places like restaurants, offices and other business organisations that are still allowed to open.

  • Social distancing

The second thing that you want to prioritise is social distancing. Along with wearing a mask, social distancing can help you a lot in avoiding transmissions inside your office premises. You want to implement in strict rules for all employees. Make sure your customers and clients are at least staying 6 to 10 feet away from each other.

  • Sanitisers

It is likely that your employees, clients, and yourself will touch a lot of things while working inside your office. So to help make sure that bacteria is not staying inside your office premises, you want to make sure that your employees or anyone that comes inside your office has access to sanitisers or water and soap.

  • Disinfect surfaces

Just like what we said above, your employees are likely to touch almost every single thing that is present inside your office. So in order to make sure that no one gets sick, all offices should have a disinfectant for all employees. Make sure that employees clean their premises before they leave the office by the end of the day. This is important because the coronavirus is capable of surviving on hard surfaces such as metal and wood or even plastic for at least 7 days.

  • Vaccination

 Because vaccinations are now becoming available, you want to promote vaccination inside your office. This is a must because it helps a lot in cutting down the risks of transmitting the virus and it can keep you and everyone inside the office safe. If you have elderlies working at your office, priorities their safety.

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