4 Things Offices Can Do to Make Use of That Extra Space

We all have that empty space in our office and we know that we’re annoyed with the fact that no one is utilizing it.

As an office space Calgary provider, we understand your frustration and we are here to help you out in making use of that empty space that you have on your office premises.

In this blog, we are going to list down some things that you can do to make proper use of the empty space that you have in your office.


4 things offices can do to make use of that empty space they got

  1. Make it a break room

If you do not have a break room in your office, this is the perfect time to add it. Having a break room in your office will help you out a lot in keeping your employees relaxed when they are trying to catch some air or when they are free. Also, it’s not an expensive thing to do, considering that all you need in your break room are comfortable chairs and a table. If you have the extra budget, you can throw in a TV in it too! The things that you can do with this one depends on the type of office you are running.

  • Kitchen

Another thing that you can do with that space makes it a kitchen. If your office does not have any kitchen, then this is a good option for you. We know it can be a bit expensive, but if you have some extra budget, this one can be a good addition in your office. Also, this one is a must to have if you have over 20 employees in your office.

  • Lunch room

If your employees eat on their desks, that’s not good. Try adding a lunch room for them so they can have some alone time and talk about stuff outside of work during their free time. Having a lunch room with a microwave, a coffee machine and a refrigerator is a must in a office that has 10 to 20 employees.

  • Your extra room or storage room

If you have a lot of extra things in your office, you can make that empty space a storage room. You can add shelves and put the extra stuff that you own in that place so you can empty some other space that could be used for another thing in your office.

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