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Major pharmaceutical companies have created/developed working coronavirus vaccines, however, it is still not safe for business owners to rule that working in offices is safe, considering that the number of cases are still increasing and not everyone can get a shot of the vaccine.

Not only that, many officials and health experts are still telling companies to wait.

This is why in this blog, Entegra, the best Office Space for Lease in Calgary, Canada, will be listing down some reasons why business owners should still operate from home in the year 2021.

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4 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Still Operate From Home In 2021

  • Not Safe

The first reason is the fact that it is still not safe. Working from home is still being advised because of a constant increase seen in people contracting the virus. You do not want someone in your business get the virus, it might put your business on line and it can take the life of someone, considering that the novel coronavirus has killed millions of people all over the planet.

  • Not Allowed

Some cities, areas, states, and countries still do not allow mass gatherings, which are pretty common in offices. You want to be on the right side of the law, so make sure you know if you are allowed to carry out office work at such times. Call your local authorities, ask them or wait for an official notice that the local government is yet to give out to business owners in their city.

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  • High Risk

There is a high-risk of someone being asymptomatic, which can be devastating. One person having the virus without the symptoms can cause a lot of trouble to you and everyone that is working in your office. Not only that, there are new strains of the coronavirus that are being discovered and they are much stronger and deadly. The risk is not worth it, considering that we are talking about lives.

  • You Should Prioritize Safety

The last reason is the fact that you have to prioritize safety for everyone. From the receptionist to everyone in your office, their safety is your priority and by coming into the office while the pandemic is still on, you are risking your and their lives.

The only exception to go with offices in 2021 is if there are no transmissions in your city in the last month and you guys have 0 active cases.

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