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4 Events Trends That Will Turn the Group’s Meetings and Activities Upside Down

The events industry will face 3 trends that will dramatically change how meetings are conducted and organized in the Group.

These three trends will revolutionize the way we behave in meetings and events. In fact, a lot of these marketing professionals are already experimenting with virtual reality at their conferences and other events now because they know it’s just a matter of time before it becomes mainstream. There will be huge changes in the way people interact with each other — especially those who use augmented or virtual reality to be transported into a different space or thinking of shared office for rent in Calgary That means that you’ll have to change your thinking about how to socialize on the job.


1. Events in Person Come Up Again, but with a Certain Uncertainty: People are no longer sure if they want to go to an event or not because of the uncertainty of what may happen on a live stream or social media post. Thus, creating a backup plan to cover up the potential staffing shortages is going to be a better notable point.

2. The “Big Resign” Will Affect Meetings and Events: The meeting industry is changing, there will be more virtual meetings in the future or as a preferred shared office for rent in Calgary. The number of people who are willing to travel to attend events will decrease due to the “big resign”, but on the other hand, more people would want to attend a local event because of it.

Do you think the employees are still rabbits chasing the carrots? Well, if yes then you are pretty wrong about it! It isn’t about the money anymore. It is the development and higher perspectives not just in professional roles but also overall affecting their nature of life. Employees are willing to give themselves not just for money but also for various aspects like personal wellness, mental health and sociology wellbeing.

3. Solidified Focus on Health and Safety: Touchless technology and digital communication have played a great role even and so event safety is a natural expectation and demand for many and much without safety, hygiene development nobody likes to step into. Sanitary event spaces, flexible booking policies bring key attention as well as attract many event planners.

The main head covers to look at are:

  • Sanitation Stations
  • Adequate Spacing
  • New Seating Styles to Improve Safety
  • Reevaluate Venue Capacity
  • Check the Room’s Maximum Capacity

4. Virtual Events Become More Frequent: Planning virtual events helps the investors think about better investing in increasing their production values. Digital technology connecting live audiences is considered a more classical way of engaging with their audiences.

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