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February 26, 2020|0 comments

Top 5 Benefits Of A Meeting Room Rental

If you’re a small business owner but are conducting a lot of meetings, you might think of doing meeting room rentals in Calgary, which has a lot of benefits. We know you’re a small business right now, but the meetings that you’re conducting right now will eventually lead you to become a big organization, and part of that process is by saving money, …

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Boardroom Space for Rent | Entegra Business Centre
February 12, 2020|0 comments

5 Things to Consider Before Joining a Coworking Space

If you’re a freelancer or an expert working from home, coworking spaces can be helpful for you if you’re looking to move out of your office in your house. All over the world, shared workspaces have grown by a huge margin. Most professionals that are operating from their home are now opting to work out in shared facilities. Why? This is because they …

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